Liberty Crossing

This Website is to help promote The Liberty Crossing community among its residents.

With our community of 144 residents it has so large that it has become next to impossible for the residents of one end of the community to interact and share ideas with residents on the other end.

Hopefully this website will provide a place to consolidate ideas to improve the community.

The driving idea behind this website is to energize residents to participate in the running of the community.

I have to believe that it is very hard to lead, when only a few people offer their thoughts and ideas.   Therefore, Please post your thoughts and comments, its only our community if we all participate.

Now that MI has sold all the lots, what next? The management of the subdivision has been turned over to the residents. So now we as a group need to decide what we want to do and how to do it.

As Winston Churchill said in 1906 “where there is great power there is great responsibility" Not that managing a small subdivision has the same responsibility as managing the British Empire, but it’s still a great quote.

So as we move forward, we now have a place, as unrestricted as possible, to discuss how the Liberty Crossing moves forward. Please remember that this web site is open to the word.